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Visa Information

Each student who enters the country automatically receives a B-2 Visa. It is good for 3 months. In order to remain for the entire year however, you will need a Student Visa.

This Student Visa is a multiple-entry visa valid for up to two years or 6 months prior to the passport’s expiration, whichever is earlier. The Yeshiva will handle the Student Visa application process here in Israel (1-2 months after Yeshiva starts). Do NOT spend your time or  money applying for a Student Visa in the US/Canada/UK.

In order to obtain a Student Visa, the following information is required: both parents’ birthdays and mother’s maiden name. Please email this information and any other questions you may have to Kobi before your arrival in Yeshiva.

If one or both parents held Israeli citizenship at the time of your son’s birth, he is considered by the State of Israel to be an Israeli citizen and is not be eligible for a student visa; instead he is required to get an Israeli passport. Please note that this has Aliyah Status ramifications and Nefesh B’Nefesh should be consulted first. Please contact Kobi if this applies to you.

Your son’s passport should be renewed if it will expire during the academic year.

If your son will still be under 18 by January 1st, you are required to go to an Israeli consulate and fill out their form for Minors Learning Abroad. Please make sure to get a copy of the form and send it with your son to Yeshiva.