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Family Visits

We know that many of you are planning to visit during the year. These visits are wonderful and eagerly anticipated by your sons. We would like to outline a few key points regarding our policy on parent visitations.  Below is a list of short term holiday apartment rentals in Ramat Shilo (all in the vicinity of the Yeshiva).

We require all visiting parents to fill out the Parental Visitation Form prior to your visit. 

  1. If possible, please plan to come during one of the Yeshiva breaks. A yearly calendar can be viewed here. Please note the Yeshiva breaks and the Shabbatot Yeshiva.  On a Shabbat Yeshiva we require all the boys to be in Yeshiva for Shabbat.  We invite all parents, if visiting during a Shabbat Yeshiva, to join us for a beautiful Shabbat Yeshiva, an experience you will not forget!  Below is a list of short term Holiday Apartmant rentals in Ramat Shilo (all in the vicinity of the Yeshiva)
  2. If you cannot come during one of the breaks, we strongly recommend that fathers consider spending at least part of their vacation here at the Yeshiva, learning with their son. There is no better way to bond with him and experience a taste of his life in Yeshiva than by learning with him in the Beit Midrash and meeting his friends and rebbeim. You are also welcome to spend Shabbat with the Yeshiva at any time.
  3. Our experience has shown us time and again that prolonged parents’ visitations can be disruptive to the flow and “groove” of the student. Therefore, if you are visiting, and want to tour around Israel, we ask that you take your son for a minimal amount of time. 

  Guest Apartments – Ramat Shilo

Dina and Rav Uri Etigson Guest Apartment

Rechov Ein Gedi 36/6  | Studio apt. – modern rustic feel | 2 single beds, closet | Shabbbat lamp | Best Price for Lev HaTorah families

(across the street from Lev HaTorah and 5 minute walk to shopping center)

For Pictures:

Contact: 02 992 2590, e-mail

Shalom and Rachel Iskowitz

Gorgeous brand new guest suite in Ramat Shilo for short term rental.

Private entrance, 3 minute walk from Yeshivat Lev HaTorah

Hotel-grade pillowtop mattresses with luxurious towels and linens.
Bedroom, sitting area, and full bathroom with bathtub.
Fridge, microwave and kumkum.

For details /לפרטים:  רחל איצקוביץ  Rachel Iskowitz

Ruchama Epstein

Located on Kiryat Arba Street | Sleeps 2 people | Fully equipped (small kitchen unit, microwave, AC…)

For more details please call 0546801542,

Daniella Neumann

Luxury 1 bedroom apartment available for short term rental in Ramat Shilo | Fully furnished

For more details, contact Daniella 053-524-5115,

* Please note – Yeshivat Lev Hatorah is posting this info for the convenience of our students’ families who wish to stay near the Yeshiva, which we do encourage.  The Yeshiva does not take responsibility for any financial or other issues.  Please contact the owners directly.