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Sponsorship Opportunities

We would love for you to be a part of daily life in the Yeshiva.  Below are a variety of sponsorship opportunities:

  • Parnas HaShavua
    sponsor a week of learning in the Yeshiva

  • Parnas HaYom
    sponsor a day of learning in the Yeshiva

  • Halachic Q & A WhatsApp Group
    Rav Siev’s alumni group of she’elot and tshuvot.

    • Weekly Sponsorship
    • Daily Sponsorship
  • Machshavot HaLev

  • Kollel Boker

  • Learning Incentives

  • Thursday Night Sicha

  • Seder Niggunim

  • Chagigot

  • Yom Iyun

  • Day of Chesed

  • Guest Speaker

  • Rosh Chodesh Breakfast

  • Thursday Night Mishmar – accompanied by refreshments to encourage our students in their late night learning.

    • Basic Sponsorship – kugel and beverages
    • Premium Sponsorship – cholent, kugel and beverages
    • Deluxe Sponsorship – Moroccan cigars, cholent, kugel and beverages

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