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Mobile Plan Registration – Shiur Bet

Each incoming student will be renting his phone line (SIM) directly from the Yeshiva and we use Cellcom as our service provider.  Cellcom provides us with a dedicated customer service and technical team which is crucial for students who might have individual issues with their phones.

All students are required to sign up for this group plan without exception
Make sure your current provider has unlocked your son’s phone before he comes to Israel
  • A choice of 70-GB ($22 per month) or 140-GB ($30 per month)
  • Once the data limit has been reached, service will slow down, with no overage charges
  • 3,000 minutes outgoing to Israeli phone numbers
  • 3,000 SMS messages to Israeli cell phones – not MMS – multimedia messages such as pictures
  • Unlimited incoming calls, texts, and MMS – even from international phones
  • 400 minutes to landlines and cell phones in 55 countries, calls to mobiles outside the US & Canada will incur an extra per-minute charge.
  • Emergency security text service
  • US/Canadian/UK virtual numbers are available at an additional cost of $20 per monthPlease contact Shalom if you would like more details.
  • Our in-house go-to phone expert, Shalom, will liaise between Cellcom and your son and remedy any technical issues where necessary; this includes replacement SIMs and loaner phones.
  • Our plan will filter out websites containing explicit and/or objectionable content, and fits in with our educational philosophy of trying to create an atmosphere of kedusha v’tahara in the Yeshiva.
  • Lev HaTorah WhatsApp & texting groups allow the Rebbeim and administrative staff to be in contact with the students to pass along schedule changes and security updates.
  • Phone contacts: At the beginning of the year we will send your son all phone contacts of the Yeshiva including Rebbeim, students, administrative staff and emergency numbers.

For any questions, please contact Shalom Woodrow.