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About Us

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah is a full-time Torah learning program. Our mission is to nurture inspired, confident, well-rounded bnei Torah with the skills to learn independently, while simultaneously developing a deep devotion to Eretz YisraelMedinat Yisrael, and the entire Jewish community.
For a well-rounded Jewish life, study of Talmud is not enough.  A deep understanding of Judaism requires a global study that begins with Tanach and includes the wisdom of the Jewish philosophers and the halachic decisions of recent rabbinic authorities. As a complement to our intensive, skills-oriented Talmud curriculum, students take in-depth high-level classes in Tanach, Jewish Philosophy, Practical Halacha, Religious Zionism, and Tefila. In each class, teachers expose their students to a wide range of opinions and perspectives – encouraging students to recognize the validity of multiple approaches. The positive, all encompassing atmosphere at Lev HaTorah encourages students to think deeply about their beliefs and intuitions without scorning those that disagree with them. The well-rounded curriculum leads to refined, thoughtful, and open-minded students.  The ability to study independently and think creatively about Torah texts enables students to make learning a lifetime pursuit. To this end, we focus our curriculum on the building of strong textual and conceptual skills.
With the guidance of our staff, our students plan and implement community service projects  – giving them the experience and insight to continue serving the community effectively for the rest of their lives. Learning Hebrew, touring the land, and interacting with the people of Israel engage talmidim as ‘citizens of Israel’ throughout their year of study.

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah founded and built Ramat Shiloh (Shechunat Yeshivat Lev HaTorah), a Religious Zionist neighborhood full of inspiring role models for our students. You will be welcomed into our neighbors’ homes for Shabbat meals and learning programs, and you will have the opportunity to give to the community as well – through the many chessed programs that we run in the neighborhood. Each Sunday night, many neighbors, exemplary models of the combination of Torah and professional success, will open their homes to you for informal learning and to serve as a “home away from home”.

All full time Rebbeim at Lev HaTorah live within a short walk from the yeshiva. That means that you will get to know them and their families (and they will get to know you) outside the classroom as well as in it. In the Beit Midrash and on the biking trail, over a daf gemara and at their Shabbat tables, your Rebbeim are dedicated to developing a life-long connection with you.
Our 1:3 teacher-student ratio helps make it possible for you to have lots of one-on-one mentoring time with your Rebbeim.
Our Rebbeim are accomplished scholars (our teachers have authored dozens of books and articles on education, Talmud, Tanach, and philosophy), but just as important, they’re the kinds of people you will want to connect to.

Our students gain skills and knowledge in all realms of Torah – Gemara, Tanach, Jewish Philosophy, and Halacha. Along with our Talmud program, we offer an afternoon seder packed with topics crucial to developing a well-rounded understanding of Torah and Jewish life. In addition, you will be able to specialize in topics that interest you – including Torah and Science, Torah Perspectives on Psychology, Halacha in the Business World, Israel Advocacy, and many other fascinating fields.

Our students come ready to invest in a year of tremendous growth, and eager to connect with like-minded friends from all over North America. The majority of our students hail from outside the NY metropolitan area, which lends the yeshiva a distinctively “out-of-town” feel.

You will fall in love with Eretz Yisrael at Lev HaTorah.
Explore the land through intense tiyulim in some of the most gorgeous and off-the-beaten-track locations in Israel, combined with many opportunities to get to know many different types of Israelis.
Our Rebbeim reflect their commitment to Medinat Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael in different ways: through their service in Tzahal, through their founding of numerous chessed organizations, and through their passion for exploring the beauty of the Land.

Lev HaTorah is an extended family — the conections you build with your Rebbeim and friends last a lifetime. Our Rebbeim frequently visit alumni in North America, and over 40 alumni return each year to learn in the yeshiva over winter break. The Rebbeim are deeply invested in maintaining their relationships with you once the year has ended – through phone, social media, and visits to the US.
Do you have a passion for chessed? Do you want to develop your leadership skills? Lev HaTorah offers many opportunities to use your talents, whether they be in music, organization, finance, sales, sports, or connecting with people, to make a difference in other people’s lives. By the end of the year many of our students are inspired and empowered to impact on their communities back home.
Your dorm-room balcony looks out over hills teeming with history – a town conquered by Joshua, the valley where David slew Goliath, the paths trod by Samson. At the same time, the yeshiva is located a five-minute walk from restaurants and shopping in Ramat Beit Shemesh, and a short bus or train ride to Jerusalem.
Throughout the year and especially during the final month of yeshiva, intensive seminars focus on the challenges and opportunities involved in college life and the work place.