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Chessed Sukkah Building

The yeshiva’s talmidim spent the morning learning intensively about the laws of Sukkah and how to built kosher Sukkot. In the afternoon, the talmidim split into 25 groups and worked for hours to build over 25 Sukkot for needy families in Ramat Bet Shemesh. These are typically lower-income families, or perhaps elderly couples, who without the hard work of our students, would not otherwise have a kosher Sukkah. Providing them with a kosher Sukkah will undoubtedly provide them with true Simcha for the upcoming Chag HaSukkot. The event was sponsored by the Lev HaTorah Chessed committee and co-sponsored by Lemaan Achai, the local Ramat Bet Shemesh chesed organization.