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Lev HaTorah Olympic Day in Tel Aviv

The Lev HaTorah talmidim and Rabbis began the Winter Zman with a day of good fun, bonding and friendly competition at Tel Aviv’s Sportek. To begin the day, the 8 morning shiurim squared off against each other in a softball tournament. Congratulations to the Lev LaChayal team for winning (with significant help from Madrichim Shraggie Berger and Mendel Gordon); we then proceeded to a Rebbe vs. Talmid full-court basketball team (the Talmidim “squeaked by” with a 20-10 win…) and we finished with a yeshiva-wide dodgeball game. Afterwards we walked to the beautiful Port of Tel Aviv, and ate ice cream, and then walked along the boardwalk to the space where the Yarkon River meets the Med Sea, and davened Mincha there.