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15th Year Gala Dinner

The atmosphere at the Lev HaTorah dinner was joyous, uplifting and simply inspiring!  The program focused on highlighting 3 areas of the yeshiva that, b'chasdei Hashem, have grown and continue to grow over the past few years. 
They include:

Our Alumni - Our honoree Dani Vanderwalde epitomizes what we view as success for our talmidim. A member of our inaugural class, Dani has achieved so much in the last four years building a Shul and growing a booming community!  As the numbers of alumni continue to grow our commitment to our alumni continues to increase and expand and, Baruch Hashem, has gained great momentum.

New Initiatives - Rav Ely Allen in 2 short years has brought new energy and innovation to our yeshiva launching Mechina, Sephardic and Leadership programs which have each  greatly enhanced the educational program  at Lev HaTorah.  
Rav Allen's unique insight and ability to relate to all of our talmidim has been an catalyst for much quality growth. The need to build our main facility has never been greater! Stay tuned to more new and exciting initiatives in the coming years! 

Lev LaChayal - Marc & Debbi Frankel are shining examples of supportive, involved and inspirational "Lone Soldier" parents!
Our Lev LaChayal program is filling a real vacuum to support our Lone Soldiers socially, religiously and psychologically. 

As we expand this unique program even further we are looking for partners who would like to help us develop and spread the word in your local communities. If you would like to get more involved please contact me at ravboaz@levhatorah.org to find out how.