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Shomron Tiyul - Homeward Bound Week

While half of the yeshiva journeyed to Poland, the students who remained were treated to special shiurim and tiyulim with the theme of “Homeward Bound”, highlighting the story of the Jewish people entering the land of Israel in biblical times, and the rebirth of the Jewish nation in our ancestral homeland in our own days.  On one day, we visited Yad Vashem, the Herzl Museum and the graves of the secular leadership, the magnificent Belz shul in Jerusalem, and heard about the miraculous rebuilding of Belz Chasidut post Shoah.  A second morning was spent working on an agricultural farm in the Bet Shemesh area, personally contributing to the rebuilding of the Land of Israel.  The week’s highlight was the trip to the Shomron.  During the previous days, talmidim learned about the places in the Shomron of both biblical and modern-day signific ance.  The itinerary included visits to Kever Shmuel; Beit El to visit the place of Yaakov’s dream of the ladder; Shilo, where we visited the actual location of the Mishkan, where the Aron HaBrit rested for 369 years; a lookout over the Jordan Valley from the hights of Har Kabir and a view of Kever Yosef from Har Bracha.  We ended off the day with a beautiful dinner at the Har Bracha Winery.