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The Secrets of Safrut

As part of our Thursday "Torat Chaim Seminar" program, we had the incredible opportunity  hearing, learning and seeing the world of "Safrut" and its applications. Our very own Rav Mo Kaplan gave an in-depth look at the inner-trappings of tefillin, the sources and what constitutes as a Kosher pair. We had the pleasure of hosting Kalman Delmoor, an accomplished Sofer and artist, based in the Old City of Jerusalem who showed the technical and spiritual approach a Sofer takes in preparation and writing each letter. He also showed the Talmidim the more spiritual aspects of the hebrew letters and the form in which they are written.

Afterwards, the Talmidim had the opportunity to have their Tefillin checked in order to insure the proper fulfillment of this amazing Mitzvah.