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Thank you for joining Lev HaTorah in our mission to inspire and educate a new generation of Jewish Leadership.

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Parnas HaYom

Each day the sound of vibrant Torah learning fills the Beit Midrash in Yeshivat Lev HaTorah. Sponsoring a day grants a donor the double merit of supporting Torah and Eretz Yisrael.

Dedication: $500/week
   Select Date:

Dedication: $180/day
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Kollel Boker כולל בוקר

The streets may be quiet in the pre-Shacharit hour, but the Beit Midrash has already come alive with the learning of a group of students that "awaken the morning."

Dedication: $500

Kollel Mishmeret Halayala כולל משמרת הלילה

After the hours of official night seder, a group of boys "burn the midnight oil," learning late into the night. Although Torah is not bound to time, Chazal have taught us that it is during these late hours that one's learning can have the greatest impact.

Dedication: $50
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Friedman Family Research Center

May the hearts of those who seek Hashem rejoice." (Tehilim 105:3) It is the family's hope that the Torah computer resources will benefit those who seek Hashem here at Lev HaTorah. David Friedman did not begin seeking God until his later years, but he always had a love of Torah, and he passed this love on to his grandson Jacob. The children of the Friedman family are establishing this Friedman Memorial Fund, in order to support other young men who have a love of Torah in their hearts.

Community Youth Chavrutot

Another aspect of our role as a communal center of learning is the weekly chavrutot that our talmidim set up with local youth.

Dedication: $360

Hatmadat HaTefilla Program

This program offers sefarim as incentives to consistent minyan goers. We are looking for perfect tefilla attendance, a critical habit that will last a lifetime.

Dedication: $360

Chanuka Chagiga

Our lively chagiga (open to the public) helps express our deeply felt hallel ve-hoda'ah to Hashem for the miracles He has bestowed upon us.

Dedication: $1000

Seder Tu B'Shvat

Our Tu B'shvat seder sheds light upon this little known holiday and increases appreciation for the wonders of the natural world and Eretz Yisrael.

Dedication: $750

Purim Chagiga

Our chagiga (open to the public) channels the energy of Purim into a spirited yet meaningful celebration of this special day.

Dedication: $1,200

Yom HaAtzmaut Chagiga

We pour out our appreciation for the miracle of the modern day State of Israel, in a way that calls attention to its spiritual significance.

Dedication: $1000 RESERVED By Rabbi and Mrs. Burg

Hakafot Shniyot

Community wide hakafot with live music, upholding the age old tradition of hakafot shniyot.

Dedication: $600

Yom Chesed in Yerushalayim

Students pitch in at Beit Sanhedria Orphanage, soup kitchens, hospitals, special needs programs ... and come away with a long-lasting commitment to chesed.

Dedication: $750

Sukah Building

The yeshiva helps dozens of families that would not be able to have a sukka, taking care of everything from purchasing materials to constructing the sukkot so that these families can celebrate the chag properly.

Dedication: $ 1,500

Fruit and vegetable Packing

Yeshiva boys package fruit and vegetables for needy families in the community.

Dedication: $5000 for the year

Repairing Homes

Painting, renovating turning apartments into livable respectable places... partnership with Livnot U'Lehibanot.

Dedication: $1800

Be a major contributor for as little as $18/month.

Our partners program enables you to make a significant contribution with a small amount of funds.  There is yet much to build on the Lev HaTorah campus and we have a way to finance up to $5000 per partner. Each partner commits to paying $5000. In how long? That’s the beauty of this program. You choose. Take 2 years or 20 years. Whatever the amount, we can thrive and you are truly a partner in our growth and the education of our students. Join at whatever level you feel comfortable.

Other monthly amount:

Dedication Opportunities

Yeshiva Campus $5,400,000
Main Building $3,600,000
Yeshiva Dormitory $1,800,000
Lev LaChayal Naming $1,500,000
Simcha Hall $500,000
Mechina Scholarship Endowment $500,000
Front Entrance $360,000
Sephardic Bet Midrash $360,000
Chadar Ochel $360,000
Tanach Windows $360,000
Basketball Court $360,000
Grand Lobby $360,000
Chayalim Residency $360,000
Chayalim Grand Entrance $250,000
Women's Gallery $250,000
Sephardic Aron Kodesh $180,000
Rooftop Terrace $180,000
Campus Gardens $180,000
Yeshiva Plaza $136,000
Master Builder $100,000
Kitchen $100,000
Yizkor Display $100,000
Chayalim Apts. $72,000
Sehardic Bima (Sephardic / Ashkenazic) $72,000
Chayalim Lounge $72,000
Rosh Yeshiva's Office $72,000
Chayalim Suites $54,000
Classrooms $54,000
Music Room $54,000
Fitness Center $54,000
Computer Room $54,000
Mashgiach's Office $54,000
Sephardic Menora (Ashkenazic / Sephardic) $36,000
Front Door mezuza $36,000
Sephardic Ner Tamid $36,000
Conference Room $36,000
Washing Station Area $36,000
Chayalim Grand Entrance Mezuza $36,000
AV Systems $18,000
Administrative Office $18,000
Defibrillator $18,000
Staff Lounge $18,000
Stone Wall of Friends $10,000
Chessed Program Patron $10,000
Sponsor a Chayal $5,000
Computer Station $5,000
Washing Station $5,000
Regular Mezuzot $1,000