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Mazal tov to Yoey Schacht (5770) on his engagement to Pnina Koslovsky!

Mazal tov to Danny Fordham (5772) on his engagement to Esther Scharfstein!

Mazal tov to Chaya and Chaim Gerson (5771) on the birth of Naomi Yocheved!

Mazal tov to Ora and Avi Lasko (5768) on the birth of Aryeh Menashe!

Mazal tov to Elana and Ben Berlin, not Benny, (5766) on the birth of Sally Pearl!

Mazal tov to Lanee and Dovid Layman (5766-67) on the birth of Elnatan Shalom!

Mazal tov to Katie and Nadav Geft (5774) on the birth of Lev Yisrael!

Mazal tov to Shayna and Eric Czinn (5771) on their wedding!

Mazal tov to Ora and Adin Liss (5773) on their wedding!

Mazal tov to Adi and Noah Gasner (5774) on their wedding!

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Parshat VaEra - January 12th
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