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Mazal tov to Serena and Noah Stein (5770) on their wedding!

Mazal tov to Allison and Matan Gütwaks (5764-65) on the birth of Moriah Hadar!

Mazal tov to Daniel Hefter (5767) on his engagement to Randi Alenick!

Mazal tov to Lucy and Yosef Matten (5773) on their wedding!

Mazal tov to Ali and Zach Isakow (5766) on the birth of Mia Tova!

Mazal tov to Zoe and Daniel Goodhardt (5764) on the birth of Jasmine Leah!

Mazal tov to Jessica and Reuvein Lebovitz (5766-67) on the birth of Yaakov!

Mazal tov to Olivia and Mitch Bank (5767) on the birth of Israel Dovid!

Mazal tov to Michelle and Eitan Nidam (5767) on the birth of Benjamin Izzy!

Mazal tov to Jonathan Wesfield (5773) on his engagement to Deena Felsenthal!

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Parshat Shmot - January 21st
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